Guide to having a sauna

Guide to having a sauna

Learn to relax!

Is this your first stay in our sauna area? Or do you simply want to get some information about how to use a sauna in a healthy way? You've come to the right place!

You can access our sauna area from the separate sauna changing rooms.

After you have showered and cleaned yourself, enter the sauna area, but leave your clothes behind! The sauna guests wrap themselves in a large towel or wear a light bathrobe.

Never wear any kind of swimwear, as this might disgruntle “pro” sauna goers. Of course, it is considered normal to cover yourself in our sauna restaurant or outside of the showers and sweat rooms. The entire sauna and indoor area is intended as a healthy space without any disturbances – that’s why this area is a “no-smoking zone”.

If you feel a little cold, you can have a warm foot bath before you enter a sauna cabin barefoot.
In the sauna area, please take off your swimwear and cover yourself with a light bathrobe or a towel when you're not in the showers or sweat rooms.

Choose the sauna that has the most comfortable temperature for you. Take a seat on the middle or top bench. Please put your sauna towel on the wooden bench and put your feet on your own towel as well!

Depending on what is comfortable for you, you can stay in the cabin up to twelve minutes. For the sake of your circulatory system, you should sit upright for the last two minutes.

Next, it would be best if you provide your body with some oxygen: go outside to get some fresh air! However, to avoid cooling down too much, you can also opt for a cold water application instead.

Remember to just have the cold water run over your skin as a closed film instead of distributing many individual droplets over your body and you will find this cooling-down phase quite pleasant. Before you dip into the plunge pool, shower off the sweat.

Don’t forget: cool down your head and neck with cold water as well.

Other things you should know

Do not use the plunge pool if you have high blood pressure!

Now is the right time to use the warm foot baths, if you like.

Please make sure to cool down and rest at least as long as you spent in the sauna. You can always repeat this sequence afterwards. But please don’t try to compete with other guests or set your new personal sauna record. You should always feel comfortable.

We also offer different löylys. In this context, some of you might be wondering whether you really need a löyly to make the most of your visit to the sauna?

No, you don’t. Sweating alone without the added perks of a löyly already brings all the advantages for body and soul as a full-fledged sauna session.

Please check our löyly plans for the times and places. Go to the respective sauna in time and experience our unique löyly ceremonies.

If you have the feeling a löyly is too much for your circulatory system: please leave the cabin right away, even during the löyly. Ignore any “old hands” who might comment on your exit.

One thing that won’t be tolerated at all – and rightfully so – is entering the cabin during a löyly. After all, this ruins the entire cabin climate, which cannot be recreated. In this case: please wait in front of the door!

We hope we were able to help you understand the ins and outs of having a sauna. Of course you can always ask our staff if you have any more questions.

It is not important how much you are sweating, but how much you enjoy yourself.