Different löyly types

Different löyly types

Duration approx.8-10minutes

Good morning löyly

In our first löyly of the day, different aromas are added to the water and the steam is softly fanned through the room over three rounds.

Afterwards, our staff will bring you a coffee and your sauna day can begin.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Wellness löyly

For this löyly, high-quality aromas are added to the water and fanned with a towel over three rounds.

Relaxation and enjoyment with soothing sounds and pleasant music.

Each new relaxation round is announced with a singing bowl.

After the löyly, our staff will bring you some tea to relax and revive your body.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Glacier ice löyly

For this löyly, crushed ice containing high-quality menthol crystals is steamed and slightly fanned over three rounds to achieve a special heat effect. This is a combination that will have you glow and breathe freely.

Feel the heat and help your body find physical recovery and mental relaxation.

To feel comfortable and fresh, our staff will hand you some mints afterwards.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Pit timber löyly

Here, your relaxation is our primary goal. Enjoy our “pit timber löyly”, with exclusive wood aromas steamed over three rounds to help you find your inner peace.

Feel the heat on your skin and satisfy your appetite with the fresh, home-baked bread rolls after the sauna.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Iced coffee löyly

For this löyly, a “mocha and cream” aroma is alternated with high-quality menthol aromas and vigorously fanned over three rounds.

Afterwards, our staff will give you an iced coffee.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Liquorice löyly

This is the perfect choice for all fans of aniseed and fennel.

Here, you can enjoy herbal aromas such as fennel and aniseed, fanned over three rounds.

Afterwards, you will get some liquorice treats.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Action löyly

This löyly is fanned over three rounds. During the löyly, you get to experience a breathtaking show with lasers and music – dive right into the uniquely beautiful world of lights.
Duration approx.12-15minutes

Viva Colonia löyly

Exclusively at AQUALAND – the Viva Colonia löyly is a real highlight during your visit to our sauna area and a must for any sauna enthusiast.

This double löyly has two rounds. In the first round, the löyly is steamed and fanned three times. Less experienced guests can leave the sauna.

For those who stay, juice is served as a refreshment. The entire experience culminates in that the löyly is steamed two more times.

This is an atmospheric löyly with music.
Duration approx.12-15minutes

Banya ceremony

Our Banya ceremony is a löyly with a brew made of birch twigs, which is poured over the hot oven stones. A pleasant wood scent fills the sweat room.

During a short cool-down phase, guests are encouraged to gently whip each other with the birch twigs to stimulate blood circulation in the skin and the circulatory system.

Then, it’s back to the Banya to keep on sweating. Experience a special löyly and enjoy!
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Colonia Relax

This löyly is steamed over three rounds and softly fanned with flags and towels. The sauna guests enjoy high-quality aromas and subtle relaxation music in the background.
Duration approx.10-12minutes

Salt therapy

After a short initial sweating phase, salt is applied to the body. It is important to leave out the face, genital region and open wounds, as the salt burns in the eyes and irritates mucous membranes.

The peeling effect:
by rubbing the salt, dead skin cells are removed and the blood circulation in the upper layer of the skin is promoted. This promotes skin regeneration.

The salt draws water from the body (1.5 to 2.5 times the amount of a normal sauna), meaning it also has a detoxifying effect.

As an additional care bonus, the salt releases minerals to the skin.
Duration approx.8-10minutes


The “Purgatory” löyly is the strongest of our löylys and only suitable for experienced sauna guests. We recommend you take an additional towel with you.  

The löyly is steamed once over several minutes, with fragrant hot water and ice. A towel is used to fan the steam vigorously.

We recommend you to pour a bucket of cold water over your head and rub your entire body with ice to cool down after this.

After this löyly, always take a few minutes to rest and drink many beverages (without alcohol).
Duration approx.10-12minutes

Steam bath ceremony

Experience different aromas that are steamed over two rounds and softly fanned. Our staff will hand you different peelings or ointments to pamper your skin.
Duration approx.8-10minutes

Late Night Show

At the end of a great sauna day, we offer our guests a very special löyly. Our sauna attendant picks a löyly matching the mood of the evening and celebrates it together with the guests.