Water aerobics

Water aerobics

Free water aerobics at AQUALAND

Monday to Friday at 12:00 noon and 4:00 PM

You will be amazed by the advantages of exercising in the pool:

  • Almost complete relief of the joints and the spine.
  • Strengthens the muscles and supports the cardiovascular system
  • Very low risk of injury
  • Perfect not only for fitness fans but also for beginners and elderly people
  • Lots of fun exercising together as a group

The lessons are given by our physical therapists and pool attendants in 31 °C warm water.

Water aerobics as preventive therapy

You enjoy moving in the water and want to do something good for your body on a regular basis?

Participate in one of our preventive therapy courses. We offer exercise under medical supervision and courses focused on strength and endurance training – you will certainly find the right course in our varied portfolio.

And what’s best: German health insurance companies cover a large part of the cost!